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63 Squadron 50 Years On


RAF Regiment 1964 TO 1970









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Outside 33 Wing HQ    


  RAF Catterick

Myself and Nick Dandecker

outside the old BG Block

Welcome to a nostalgic look back at the RAF Regiment during my time with them 1964 to 1970. The site is a compilation of photographs and old documents bundled together with some recollections of the time from some other old “Rocks”. I hope you will enjoy visiting the site.

I joined the RAF in 1965 enduring my square bashing at RAF Swiderby Links, before heading off up the A1 to RAF Catterick for Trade Training, another eight weeks or so later I was then bound off to RAF St. Athen to do a driving course, that took another eight weeks. Driving course completed and an ‘A’ class driving certificate to show for it, not a lowly ‘B’ class one obtained on station, Wow! With chest feathers puffed out, off we went on our first Squadron posting to RAAF Butterworth in Malaysia to No. 1 Light Anti-Aircraft Squadron RAF Regiment. This posting lasted for thirteen months until the confrontation between Malaysia and Indonesia ended. With 1 Sqn receiving orders to repatriate back to the UK soon after. Those of us with about half their tour of duty or more still to do, were exchanged with personnel from 15, 26 & 63 Squadrons in Singapore. I found myself on 15 Field Squadron at RAF Seletar, Singapore. In March 1968 I returned to number 51 Field Squadron at Catterick in the UK, then shortly after, the Squadron moved to RAF Wittering when the Harrier came into service.

I have to say all three Squadrons I served on I enjoyed immensely. The majority of the guys in all cases were a bunch of great blokes. I am really pleased that over the last few years with the onslaught of the internet, I have been able to catch up with a lot of them and we meet up a couple of times a year. I don’t think there is a closer knit community than what I call the “Brotherhood of Rockapes”

Per Ardua

George Gault 





 Nevile Meade (General)

     R.I.P Champ




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Bofor L70 as was deployed at RAAF Butterworth until 1966.

Entrance to Butterworth about 2002


 Do you remember that bloody monkey near the NAAFI? his name was Machete and had a cage between the block's and the  NAAFI. When he was let out he was hooked up to a line running between the monsoon drain and the NAAFI, if you went for a beer at night and nobody told you he was out, which of course no one did, (the B******S), once you jumped the drain you would hear the hook up the line start to move, and he moved bloody fast, you knew then to start running, and you would be running that fast when you got to the door you could not stop, you would go bursting through the NAAFI door and of course every one there knew exactly why you were running.

That first pint of Tiger went down pretty fast!












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