Bill (Geordie) Hardstaff's

Photo Gallery


RAAF Butterworth & China Rock



See how smick 'B' Flt. Kept their equipment


1 LAA Sqn. & 111Bty Butterworth 1964


Loading Guns onto Beverley


Geordie Hardstaff (left) Tommy (Nobby) Clarke


Doing a good job those Gun Pilots


Landing in Singapore from Butterworth


Drogue Driver


Wee Jock shot down the drogue, drogue driver straffed us


Road out of China Rock


Sgt. Bill Billington in serious thought again


Gun shoot finnished, just hailed Water Taxi


Water Taxi arriving to pick up Guns


Loading up


111 Bty. Royal Australian Army china Rock 1964


1 Fld.Sqn. Soccer Team Butterworth 1964 ish


RAF Gan Maldive Islands


Addu Atoll Maldives


Coming into land at Gan


Home-Sweet-Home HaHa


Mali and British Governors Island

British Governors Island Home


Wilingili Maldive Islands


Mali Maldive Islands


Geordie Hardstaff 1 Fld. Sqn. RAF Gan 1964


Dennis Rafton 1 Fld. Sqn. RAF Gan 1964


Paddy McMahon 1Fld. Sqn. RAF Gan 1964


Cpl. Evans 1 Fld. Sqn RAF Gan 1964

Used to gaze at this for hours

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