Butterworth Photo's II

Another photo from Tom Feeney, The Swimming Pool Butterwrth Pre-1965

Swimming Pool Butterworth 1966


    Ausie Ken & Bob Baron                          Younger members of my family

         On the beach Butterworth                     think I have always been a fat git!

Javlins RAAF Butterworth

Another view of the Javlins

Another one I have to thank John Harriss for, Keep them coming folks

John Simcock at the Roof-Top-Bar Whitehouse Hotel


Riot Drill:   All because the Base civie employees went on strike!


Following received from Taff Hopton and added on 11th November 2005


In the picture Jimmy Gilmore - Alan Conelly - Jimmy Dividson - Big Elmer - Taff Hopton (Front row right end)


L/R Taff Hopton - Bob Barran - Andy Crammond - Geordie Brown


L/R Brian Leach - Taff Hopton - Paddy Connoly - Paddy Gilmore