RAF Regiment 1964 TO 1970









Outside 33 Wing HQ    


  RAF Catterick
Myself and Nick Dandecker
outside the old BG Block
 Nevile Meade (General)
     R.I.P Champ
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RAAF Butterworth
Need help here again, young Collie on the right I think

Erecting temporary hut North ORP

Live Firing China Rock off Singapore 1965/66

Jimmy Diver centre, Davy Mason on rightother names have gone HELP!

Merv Churchill & Ron Tiplady, car park of the Oasis Penang 1965/66

Paddy Power & Jim Picken standing with Fred Riches kneeling 1965/66

Waiting to board the Landing craft for China Rock

Bob (Taff) Price and Nick (Streaky) Bacon behind him

Support Weapons Flight about 1964