Brian Gale's Photo Gallery

Below is a selection of photographs sent to me by Brian Gale (Nobby) who lived in the next room to me at Butterworth, and also used hang out at the Oasis in Penang Road, Georgetown Penang, along with myself, Ron Tiplady, Merv Churchhill, Pete Riley, Stu Williamson and several others who's names after 40 years escape me. to whom I apologise, but it's just my age!




                                                                                    Ron Tiplady



                    Jimmy Diver centre and Davie Manson on right, Who else?                                                                                         Brian Gale



                                                                                                                            Merv Churchill in black shirt, Ron Tiplady white





The following were taken during a Live Firing Exercise on China Rock just off Singapore 1966














Above Securing a crash site Malaysia 1966



                      Stue Williamson Dog Handler, I seem to remember the dog  kept biting him














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