The Demo Team

Here are few pictures sent in by Robert (Taff) Price, who, I think was more at home Being a “Rockape” than a supplier the trade he was in. In fact he tells me he enjoyed his time with One Squadron so much, he applied for Two Field Squadron on his return to Blighty, as their Squadron supplier I assume. I think because of this, and knowing personally his enthusiasm on One Squadron, he gets my vote for the title of Honorary Rockape. Good on ye Taff!


Taff & Ron

Bayan Lepas Airfield Penang

Taff on left, don't know who's kneeling, Peter Cole and Steve Le Boy (both
Aussie gunners) P/O od F/O Steve Breretom-Martin (1LAA) Aircraft is DC3.
This taken at Alor Star (Now Alor Sitar) and this was the Parachute demo team.


Taff in mid air - Bayan Lepas Airfield Penang


Taff on the right, Bill Twist next to me. Can't remember the rest. This
taken at KL. 1 Squadron Helicopter demo team.

I think the Sergent in the picture looks a lot like Ron Bradley, maybe some one

could confirm this