Nick (Danny) Dandeker's




Sgt Len McLaren and Cpl Andy Reekie, on the range RAF Catterick 1965.
Sadly no longer with us.

Photo 2 (of the 3 guys): Three recruits are we: l to r - ? ;Colley; and
Gault on the Moors again Spring 1965. No prizes but who's that under the

Photo 3: 'Taff' Reynolds and Nick 'Danny' Dandeker dressed up to go to some
affair in Darlington (1965).

Photo 4: Geordie Gault and Nick 'Danny' Dandeker. Getting ready to go out on
the town (RAF Catterick 1965). Remember those huts

Photo 5: Geordie Gault (in that great 60s shirt) and the 'General' (RAF
Catterick 1965).

Spot the members of the infamous "Sporting Club - Akrotiri". Made up from
27 (LAA) Squadron January 1966. Could also have been Christmas 1967 and 34
(LAA) Squadron.....can anyone out there remember?
Back row: Geordie; Fitz; Nobby; Scouser; Taff; Clive
Front row: Speedy; Allan; Tony; Joe; Dan

One of those squadron functions 1966: Nobby; Speedy; Noel Fitzpatrick; Dan.

5 guys from 27 (LAA) Squadron on the town in Limassol (Cyprus 1966)
John Cosbie; John Kemp; Nick 'Dan' Dandeker; Noel Fitzpatrick; and who can
remember the fifth member of the quintet? ....he used to be CO's driver in
27 (LAA) Squadron

Having some beers around Christmas 1967, RAF Akrotiri
Messrs. Backus; Titch; Paddy; and ???

SAC John Kemp on patrol at Lady's Mile, RAF Akrotiri 1966.

27 (LAA) Squadron gun compound. That's 'Sammy' Samuels in the foreground
circa. 1966 RAF Akrotiri

40/70 Bofors; nearly ready for action. That's Cpl Ned Kelly just in view
(RAF Catterick 1965).

Funeral in Silent Valley Cemetery, Aden 1965. This is 27 (LAA) Squadron
preparing to lay to rest LAC Derek Smithen. He was killed by a terrorist
whilst on detachment with his sqaudron guarding
RAF Khormaksar;taking part in anti-terrorist duties (Sept-Dec 1965)

Laying to rest of LAC Derek Smithen

The stone marker of Silent Valley Cemetery, Aden (1965)

On the range in RAF Akrotiri (1967) with 34 (LAA)Squadron. In the foreground
is Sgt Don Moffat and th officer is Sqn Ldr Peter Lithgow (used to drive
what was a rather fine Volvo at the time.

"Let's have real photo done" (after a few pints of Keo); in Limassol, Cyprus
1966: Ian (?) Williams; Nick 'Dan' Dandeker; Noel 'Fitz' Fitzpatrick; John
Kemp; John Cosbie. Where are they now I wonder?

Early morning routine on exercise Mt. Troodos, Cyprus (1967): Noel ' Fitz'
Fitzpatrick at centre with others (?)