RAAF Butterworth


No. 1 LAA Sqn. 1966

Colour Party Butterworth 1966

Thank's to John Simcock who sent in this one. 

Weapon Specialist Group RAAF Butterworth  late 1963


Chopper Training Butterworth 1965/66

C&R Flight Butterworth Pre-1965 Thanks to Tom Feeney


Hard at work North ORP                          Fred Riches and Paddy Powers

                Butterworth                                                      North ORP        


 The following eleven photographs have been sent in by Robert (Taff) Price, who was one of our squadron suppliers at Butterworth. I have to say Taff, for a penguin was more of a Rockape at times than some of us Rock’s. If there was anything going on Taff would sure be in the thick of it. An example of this is further up this page, that is Taff, jumping out of the helicopter with Nick (Streaky) Bacon hard on his heels.                      


                                     Pete ?                                         Sgt Jock Mercer (Right) I/C One Sqn stores


Phil Shuter                                                                          Paddy ?

Just Leaving China Rock, Taff Price left, Paddy on right, no names for the rest


                              No. 1 Sqn HQ Butterworth                     China Rock convoy to Sigapore



                     (1)  Awaiting embarkation from Singapore to China Rock                           

(2) Landing craft "Arromanches China Rock

Popping off a few rounds at China Rock

Article about China Rock



                 Sqn. Card School,                               Oh! those days of being skint

                                                                                       and bored              

Out with the boys for a few beers

Same Night out: Bob, Dick, Winston Elaine (Standing) Myself & Graham Fletcher.


Paddy Powers Jim Picken                              Fred Riches relaxing

      & Fred Ruches kneeling                                 while on the beach Gun