RAF Seleter

Main Gate RAF Seleter, Singapore 1966/67. Sorry about the quality lifted from a slide, taken with a very poor quality camera.

AOC's Inspection RAF Seleter 1967/8

Pete Riley standing at the rear F/O Davey Centre East Coast Malaysia


Waiting in a jungle clearing for a chopper pick-up 1966/7

Yet more training Kota Tingi area Malaysia

Thank's to John Harriss for this one, Batu Pahat 1967 joint services combined drop. Royal Air Force Regiment, Ghurkha's and 42 Marine Commando's. John Harriss on the left, Tony Nash third from left and Blue Mills fifth from left. Their Flt/Sgt was Harry Roebuck and Sgt Alf Butcher his 2I/C.

East Coast Malaysia Convoy 1966

Same Convoy


Ron Barnbrook & Myself on a squadron photo shoot at 15 Sqn. compound

RAF Seleter


Introduction to a Shim

 One of my earliest memories of 15 Fld Squadron, was one evening about a week or two after we had arrived from Butterworth, one of the Scalies asked me if I would like to go and see the all-in wrestling down at the Gay World in Singapore, (Gay not to be misunderstood by today's meaning) although I some times think back and wonder. Any way Dave Chamberlain said he had two spare tickets. A few nights later Pete Riley and myself along with Dave and his wife went off to the wrestling.

When we got there it turned out that the seats were situated second row back from the ringside. Pete and I were seated right behind three nice looking local girls, well being the eighteen year old green horns, we did every thing we could think of to attract their attention. This continued through several bouts of wrestling, until, one of them, by now getting pissed off with us, turned around and said “Why don’t you F*** off“ in a deep male voice, Pete and I didn’t know where to put our selves, Pete Chamberlain and his Misses were rolling about laughing, of course they knew what it was all about from the start, remember Bougis Street was still uncharted territory to Pete Riley and me, but do you know what the most sickening thing of the whole evening was? About ½ an hour later three Matelot’s came in and they were all over them.....

A Romance with a Shim

I returned to Blighty in March 1968 from Singapore, I joined 51 Field Squadron at Catterick late April, a few weeks later a lot of us were seconded to 37 Sqn. to swell the numbers for an exercise in Malaysia. Yes you have guessed, I had no sooner got back, and I was on my way back there all be it for just a month, and guess where we were based, yes Seleter. Anyway to cut a long story short, after quite a hard three weeks and the training and exercise behind us we were given a few days R&R in Singapore.

Before you go lads you have to parade at the Astra for a briefing, you know the usual things, out of bounds establishments, blobby knob etc. telling some blokes certain places were out of bounds was like showing a red flag to a bull, anyway that is another story. Briefing over, all the eager beings itching to get loose in Singapore were off, remember some of these lads had no experience of  Singapore, and one such lad, returned to camp some hours later with a young lady in tow, having a good old tongue down the throaton the way, arriving at the car park just outside the camp at Seleter, this young Rock reaches into his pocket for his wallet, NO WALLET, at least he had sussed he had been rolled by his companion and called to the guard on the gate to get the RAF police out of the guardroom, assessing the situation, they called the civvie police who rolled up, got out of their vehicle and straight into the back of the taxi, hauled his companion out of the back , yanked of its wig, well, when this lad seen what he had, had his tongue down, he threw his guts up right there in the car park........he hadn't had a clew all the way back...